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Creating User Waypoints

Sometimes you will find it handy to save waypoints not included in the government nav database for future use in flight plans or to follow local procedures. Here’s how to do it.

  1. First time only: Go to Display Unit Maintenance > Database Maintenance > Enable User Database and select YES to enable the User Database feature in your EFIS screen. Press SAVE to exit.
  2. On the Flight Plan page, rotate the left knob to highlight USER WP, and press the knob to access the User Waypoints page.
  3. You  will see a list of user waypoints saved in the EFIS. Several softkeys appear: NEW, EDIT, DELETE, Direct-To, and EXIT. To create a new waypoint, press NEW.
  4. Enter a name for your waypoint (max 5 characters). Highlight & select CREATE with the right knob when you are finished.
  5. Turn the Left Knob clockwise to move the cursor through all the characters. Highlight “Positioning” and press either the LAT/LON or RNG/BRG softkey.  
  1. Alphanumerical softkeys appear on the bottom of the screen for data entry. Use these to enter the information, turning the left knob to move from character to character and line to line.
  2. When you are finished, use the Right Knob to highlight and press SAVE. The waypoint is now available to use in flight plans.