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Electronic Flight Instrumentation for Experimental Aircraft Since 1991

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Read about Horizon HX and HXr EFIS systems– Relied upon every day by Team AeroDynamix pilots for both IFR performance and precision aerobatics.

Engine Monitors

From 2-strokes to turbines- Over 22,000 engines have been instrumented by the GRT EIS.

Justin Lewis of Lewis & Clark Performance, LLC, and his FLS Microjet rely on an EIS and 2 Horizon EFIS screens.

GRT Home Page

Learn more about the GRT SPORT EFIS, featured in the new SPA Panther kitplane - Starting at $2,600

Electronic Flight Instrumentation Systems

Photo by Dean Wingard

HorizonHX Mini

The “Mini”

The 4.3” EFIS

Primary or Backup

Systems starting at $1,195.


Find out why we are renowned for our autopilot performance.

Free flight director simplifies hand-flying!