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ValuSystem Panels

Android-Enhanced GRT EFIS Systems provide value and reliability

A GRT EFIS combined with Android Tablet computers offer a highly economical means of expanding the functionality of any current GRT EFIS. Now a 3-screen (or more) system can be yours, for little more than the cost of a single GRT EFIS.  

Android-based tablet computers and cell phones can be connected to any GRT EFIS via a wireless blue-tooth connection.  Load the free the GRT Remote app and your tablet or cell phone provides another PFD display, provides flight planning, radio tuning, and more.  Add the free Avare moving map app to your tablet, with its free databases, sectionals, approach plates, taxi diagrams, and paper becomes a thing of the past.

Have an old Android cell phone or tablet sitting around? The GRT Remote app requires very little processing power, making even older generation Android devices completely suitable.

Best of all, your panel will always be anchored by a reliable GRT EFIS that you can count on in any, cold, bright or dark.  The GRT EFIS also provides push-button and rotary knob user-interface that works even in the worst turbulence.

Add a tablet to your panel, or design your new panel around a tablet-enhanced GRT EFIS, and discover how inexpensive a glass panel can be.