HXr Video Tutorial by Jerry Morris- Oshkosh 2014 Forum

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HXr Video Tutorial by Jerry Morris- Oshkosh 2014 Forum

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Hi All,

A lot of people asked for a video version of Jerry's forum at Oshkosh this past summer, "Flying the HXr in IFR." I had some issues with my video footage, so Jerry did a voice-over with his PowerPoint presentation. His extra work has resulted in a clean video with good audio quality unfettered by airshow distractions. It's now available on our YouTube channel as a 5-part series-- over an hour and a half long!

Jerry is a Team AeroDynamix flight lead and a retired airline and military pilot who flies his HXr-equipped RV-8 all over the country, often IFR. He has a Garmin GTN 650 in his panel as well. The video shows us how he uses the two units together, as well as a lot of basic functions of the HXr.

Grab some coffee, a sandwich and a notebook, and click here to get started! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL ... dDrKDzbFSg
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