Indications if pitot tube ices up?

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Indications if pitot tube ices up?

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Can anyone tell me what indications I will get on my Horizon EX if my pitot tube becomes fully blocked by ice? Is there any sort of back-up mode that will retain information?

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Re: Indications if pitot tube ices up?

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The airspeed indications will behave the same as any other airspeed indicator with the pitot blocked. It will stop reacting to changes in pitot pressure and start reacting to changes in static pressure. If your speed or static pressure changes and the GPS is working, you may notice an increasing difference between the airspeed and GPS ground speed (GS). If you also have a magnetometer, the wind indicator may start to show an increasing wind speed. Our AHRS does not depend on airspeed to function. The pitch, roll, heading, and altimeter will continue to function.
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