TRIG 22 Squat switch

New in 2019 this product is called the "10.1" after its screen size and is available in Horizon and Sport feature sets. This is not to be confused with an HXr although it shares similar features and graphics.
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TRIG 22 Squat switch

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It says in the install manual that you can activate the transponder by using the GPS airspeed. However it does not tell you how to go about doing that. Has anybody done this before if so how did you do it. I am installing a Horizon 10.1 with a Garmin 175 GPS.
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Re: TRIG 22 Squat switch

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If the EFIS is controlling the TT22, then you can set the Squat Switch to "AHRS and GPS data" in the SET MENU, General Setup, TT22/echoUAT page.

If you have a separate TT22 control head, then you can set the Squat Switch to use GPS data in its menu.
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