TRIG Power On

New in 2019 this product is called the "10.1" after its screen size and is available in Horizon and Sport feature sets. This is not to be confused with an HXr although it shares similar features and graphics.
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TRIG Power On

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I am installing the TRIG TT22 remote transponder without the TC20 control head. Pin 13 from the transponder on the wiring diagram goes to the control head for the remote on function. When you don't have the control head the way I read the manual the remote on is active when the power on is pulled Low. I believe that means it is grounded. So if I connect pin 1 - 13 - 14 to frame ground it should work without the control head. Is my thinking correct?
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Re: TRIG Power On

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Yes. That way it will always turn on when power is applied. Then it will wait for the EFIS commands to tell it what mode to be in.
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