Remote Radio Control

New in 2019 this product is called the "10.1" after its screen size and is available in Horizon and Sport feature sets. This is not to be confused with an HXr although it shares similar features and graphics.
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Remote Radio Control

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I have my comm radios wired up and they are communicating with my 10.1 EFIS. The serial port is programmed and the counter is recording an increase. However I can't change the frequency from the PFD. I can change the channels on the screen but it does nothing to the radios and I can change the channels on the radios and it does nothing to the channels on the screen. Is there some setting I need to set or activate in order to get the remote tuning from the PFD to work?
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Re: Remote Radio Control

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I responded to your e-mails about this already but I will comment here for anyone else.

Radios controlled by SL30 or SL40 protocols are automatically configured for sending frequencies once the serial port is configured for SL30-1 or -2 or SL40-1 or -2. The "COM1 Device" and "COM2 Device" settings can also be set to make sure the EFIS knows what device is COM1 and what device is COM2. The SL30 protocol is mainly for NAV/COMs (and NAV-only units) like the original SL30. The SL40 protocol is for COM-only devices like the original SL40. From your e-mails it sounds like your M760Q only wants the SL30 protocol and won't accept SL40, which is weird since it's COM-only. There's currently no way to straighten that out in the EFIS software especially as you're already using the SL30 interfaces for actual NAV devices.
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