USB Ports

New in 2019 this product is called the "10.1" after its screen size and is available in Horizon and Sport feature sets. This is not to be confused with an HXr although it shares similar features and graphics.
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USB Ports

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On page 11 of the install manual it says that there is a single USB port on the back of the Horizon 10.1, it says that you can connect a hub for 3 devices to connect to that USB port. My Horizon 10.1 has 2 USB ports on the back of it. Are they duplicates or are they for different functions?
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Re: USB Ports

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It looks like sections 3.3.11 through 3.5 were copied from the EX manual and then not edited. Every 10.1 has two separate general-purpose USB ports, so a hub is rarely necessary. The top port can do USB 3.0 and the bottom port is USB 2.0. I've had at least one USB drive function poorly in the 3.0 port so I tend to use the bottom 2.0 port for drives. I haven't had any reports of problems from customers though.
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