Tech Support Survey: GRT EFIS Settings

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Tech Support Survey: GRT EFIS Settings

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I'm working on an improved manual for setting up the GRT Autopilot. If you fly one, you know there are several different gain settings to be fine-tuned during testing. While this is the reason the autopilot can perform so well in so many different types of airplanes, it can be frustrating to get just right. I'd like to study as many sets of flying GRT A/P gain settings as possible to see how systems are set up in various types of aircraft, then publish a list of aircraft-specific suggested starting values for the gain settings.

If you'd like to help, please save your EFIS settings to a USB stick. (Instructions found here:

Email me ( the settings file, which will appear on the stick as SETTINGS.DAT, along with:

Airplane Type (kit mfr/model)
Engine Type & Horsepower
Propeller Type (fixed or c/s)
Flying preference- Snappy or relaxed?
Do you shoot IFR approaches on a/p? Y/N
If so, what brand/model VOR/LOC receiver do you use?
Do you like the performance of your GRT autopilot at these settings? Y/N
(optional) What is your biggest complaint about the GRT A/P?
(optional) What do you like best about it?

The most important question in that list is airplane type. However, the more data I can gather with each settings file, the more meaningful it will be.

Thank you for your help! :D
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