EIS 400 and P-Mag compatibility

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EIS 400 and P-Mag compatibility

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Good Morning,

I tried posting this already, but it vanished, so I appoligize if it comes up twice. I have an older, but still new EIS4000 that's installed in a nearly finished RV8. I read in 'Kitplanes' that the writer had an older EIS4000, and had to do internal mods when switching to Pmags. My EIS paperwork just states "Connect directly to the tach output from the ignition system." I have the 113 series Pmags and my EIS info is: SN 10653 / SW vVer 44s46. Do I need to do anything to the unit?

Thanks, Lance
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Re: EIS 400 and P-Mag compatibility

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Older unit you did have to cut I think it was a cap lead off on the board in order to wire to an EI. Newer units did not have this.
Im sure GRT will chime in with the details.
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