Set Limits Problem

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Set Limits Problem

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First post here - thanks for any help. When I press the left and center buttons to go to set limits, the screen gets all checkered; you can still set the limits (the screen is readable with difficulty), but then I can't seem to exit the limits page. The screen is readable with difficulty; the only way to get rid of the checkered screen is to reboot it. Anyone have any similar experience? Thanks much - Jim
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Re: Set Limits Problem

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First, the only way I know to exit the SET LIMITS pages once you have entered them, is to use the NEXT button (right side button) and cycle thru all the settings. If have completed the changes you wanted to make, then just hold the right button down and the EIS will rapidly cycle to the end of the settings and return to normal ops.

I experienced a similar problem to what you have described. The EIS display was visible in normal operation but when I entered the SET LIMITS page I could not read the display. What I discovered was that the CONTrast level was somehow set to low. The first setting when you enter the SET LIMITS menu is CONT. The Left button adjusts it up, the Center button adjusts it down, and the Right button advances to the next limit setting. You have probably long since figured out the problem you were having, but if not, go into the SET LIMITS menu, then press the Left button a couple of times.
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Re: Set Limits Problem

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I have the same problem with the display being difficult to read. I recall someone at GRT telling me the cause is not releasing both buttons simultaneously when entering the Settings Pages. I think the problem has gotten worse with time (my EIS is about 10 years old). What I do now is power up my EIS and update the fuel quantity and baro pressure as I start my preflight. I then power it off and complete my preflight. When I power up again for engine start, the display is back to being easy to read.

Jim Butcher
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