HXr/GTN 650

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Bayou Bert
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HXr/GTN 650

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I spent the evening trying to get the EFIS and the GTN650 to talk to each other.
I have the Approach system and it uses Serial port 5. I read and read the manual
but I keep getting the yellow Ser5 at the top of the EFIS screen.
The GRT Raim GPS is working great as GPS2, no problem there.
The baud is set at 9600 and I could not find a baud number in the GRT/650 setup
manual. Sure would like to get them talking.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Bayou Bert
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Re: HXr/GTN 650

Post by Widget »

Hi Bert, first, what is the serial 5 counter doing with everything powered up? Do you see it counting? I also have the Approach system using serial 5 at 9600 BAUD. I have serial 6 OUT from the HXr going to RS232IN, pin 27 on the 650, using FADC format 1. To set the BAUD in the HXr, go into the SETUP menu, GENERAL SETUP and under the serial 5 port information, you can set the BAUD to 9600.

I've attached my schematic and maybe you can compare to see if you have any glaring differences. Also, you have to make some entries in the 650 setup pages. Have you done all those? I don't know if that will affect the serial error message on the HXr though.

Let me know if this helps. We'll keep digging. They work perfectly together.

N8JL Serial Ports 102014.pdf
this is my schematic from Approach.
(312.75 KiB) Downloaded 457 times
N8JL FastStack Schematic 102014.pdf
this is how I have my serial ports configured in the HXr
(321.65 KiB) Downloaded 527 times
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Re: HXr/GTN 650

Post by katieb »

HI Bert,

Section 3.1 in the GRT/GTN supplement has a list of settings for you to check. The baud rate is in there but it doesn't specifically say "baud," just "Rate" as displayed on the EFIS General Setup page. Listen to Widget, he knows what he's talking about. :D
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Re: HXr/GTN 650

Post by greglone »

eh i cant get EFIS and the GTN650 to work together too...did you find any solution?
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Re: HXr/GTN 650

Post by Bobturner »

Remote trouble shooting is hard, but be assured they do work together.
You should have a serial port out on the HXr going to a serial port in on the GTN.
You should have a serial port out on the GTN going to a serial port in on the HXr.
You need to know what the four port numbers are.
All need to be set to 9600 baud rate.
Their formats need to be set as described in the interface manual - four settings.
Possible variations: my dealer-supplied harness sent the HX data to the transponder, then the transponder sent it out to the Garmin. More, different settings (Shadin Z in my case, to the transponder).
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