Nav Data include Canada?

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Nav Data include Canada?

Post by JimB »

In planning for a couple flights to Canada this summer, I'm wondering if the free US database includes any Canadian airports or airspace?

I'm guessing the Map pages will show the magenta line and probably the Canadian endpoints of the line but no other airport or airspace data. Is that correct?

I've already undated my GNS430 data to the Americas to have Canadian data, but it would be nice to have GRT data for Canadian cities near the border too.

I think ADS-B weather will only be available when near the border and the stations are strong enough to be received. Is that correct?


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Re: Nav Data include Canada?

Post by GRT_Jeff »

The free GRT navigation database includes a limited amount of data for Canada. A small portion of this data is up to date because the FAA uses it. The other data is very old. Major airports should be there but you would have to verify the frequency and runway information. It will have some other airspace data, but again you'd have to verify it through other means.
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