User Defined Waypoints

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User Defined Waypoints

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Is it possible to create a USER defined waypoint when creating a flight plan in the App? I like using the android app a lot and it would be really nice to be able to insert my own way points when building a flight plan in the App rather than have to go in and edit the flight plan via the EFIS menu after sending the fltplan from my phone to the EFIS.

I saw it mentioned sometime back on this forum that GRT planned to work with the FlyQ EFB. Is this something that we can expect to see any time soon?

Update 2/4/2019:
Here is a work around to get user defined waypoints into a flight plan that is stored in the GRT Android bluetooth application. I have been activating my flight plan from the Android app (less user defined wypt's) and then manually updating the EFIS flt plan with my user defined wypts that I had created previously and stored in the EFIS. I noticed that after doing this, the flight plan in the EFIS with the added user defined waypoints had been transferred back to the Android app with the user defined wypts identified as "Unknown Identifier-No match in current nav database". Saving the flight plan with the "Unknown Identifier(s)" in the GRT Android app, the user defined wpt names are stored in the Android app flt plan. Now when recalling the stored flight plan from the Android app and activating it, the EFIS matches the "Unknown Identifier" waypoint name(s) with the EFIS stored user defined wypt name(s). A couple of additional steps initially but if you reuse the Android app flight plan, it speeds up and simplifies getting a flight plan loaded into the EFIS.
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Re: User Defined Waypoints

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The app does not have a way to create or use user defined waypoints.

We still haven't gotten to adding WiFi support. With current plans we're many months away.
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