Serial for Autopilot

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Serial for Autopilot

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I'm thinking about adding GRT AP servos. I have Sport HS EFIS, S200 & S100.

My S200 PFD is using one pair of serial for interdisplay link, another for ARINC module, another for EIS in and alt out and the fourth serial in for GPS from GNS430. Can I use the serial ports on the ARINC for autopilot servos? Or would it be better to put the EIS in and alt out on ARINC and free up a port on the S200? Or even better, since EIS goes to both S200 and S100, can I eliminate the connection to S200 and rely on EIS data going thru interdisplay link?

Obviously, I don't have the vertical command software. But even without it will the autopilot still do altitude hold?


Jim Butcher

PS The new manuals for Sport EX and Sport 10.1 are really nicely done!
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Re: Serial for Autopilot

Post by GRT_Jeff »

We like to have as little delay as possible for the servo communication. If you can move the EIS to free up the built-in port that would be best. The EIS data goes over the display link so that is also an option.

If you have a pitch servo on an EFIS without vertical functions it will do altitude hold only.
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