DEMO names

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DEMO names

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I usually have DEMO auto start with airspeed. The other day I was trying to get some electrical system data prior to engine start. I manually started DEMO and manually stopped it. But when I examined the data, the name of the file was DEMO 000000.log. Certainly this was because when I started DEMO my GNS430 was not yet powered up so the EFIS had no date/time info. My MFD (S100) has a GPS but my PFD (S200-01) doesn't. Is there a way to force the PFD to use the MFD GPS to label the DEMO file but when my GNS430 is powered up to use that for navigation and flight plan?


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Re: DEMO names

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That's how it works already. The current software will use the time from any GPS source even if the selected one is working (since 2016), and all software (old or new) will send GPS data over the link if the selected GPS isn't working. This should work fine as long as one is configured as GPS1 (usually the 430) and the other is configured as GPS2. If that is the case then it sounds like the MFD GPS had not found enough satellites yet.
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