CHT probes

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CHT probes

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Just installed EFIS and EIS on a Rotax 912 ULS powered plane with full set of engine sensors.

Everything is working as expected , the only issue is unused CHT probes - how do I deal with them ? The manual says to short them together but what exactly does that mean ?
Specially I have 2 sets of red/white wires for CHT 3 and 4 which I don’t plan to use - right now these are unconnected and EFIS is reporting about 15 degrees higher ( with just ambient temps for now ) for unused probes than the other 2 so I would like to take care of that but I am not sure how …
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Re: CHT probes

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Each CHT probe connection uses two wires. If you're not going to connect a probe to that input then you should connect those two wires directly to each other without a probe. You can make the wires very short if you're sure you won't need them.
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