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Annunciator Panel

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 1:42 pm
by WildShot
I am installing an annunciator panel of my own design above my Sport EX.

1. Can the Sport EX run two LED warning lights in parallel for any given alert? I am not getting enough light out of one LED. Can anyone recommend a bright and wide light casting LED that will work in the alert mode?

2. Is it possible to get an LED light to turn on when the airspeed is in the high or low red zones?

3. I would like to have a FUEL warning LED on when the fuel pump is on and I would like the same FUEL warning LED to come on when the fuel quantity reaches an alert point. Any body see any issues with this lashup? What happens when the pump is on and the fuel quantity is low (at the alert point)?


Re: Annunciator Panel

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2020 9:31 pm
by GRT_Jeff
1. There's one warning light pin that grounds when activated. You can wire multiple LEDs to this grounding output. The maximum current is 0.75A but you should stay well under that especially with LEDs. The LED doesn't need any special modes, just light up continuously when connected to bus power and ground. The EX has built-in flashing and solid-on modes.

2. If your EX has the analog inputs and audio outputs option (AI/AO or 4ANALOG), it will also have 2 discrete outputs. These can be used to set an airspeed alert that grounds above or below one speed. You can't do more than one speed.

3. Note the EX doesn't have any separate outputs for fuel warnings.