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Help with Displaying demo files

Postby Rupester » Mon May 13, 2013 3:44 pm

First off, I admit I am to being somehat "technology challenged". I tend to be quickly mystified by technology that doesn't function when I follow the instructions. That said, I'm even more challenged by the Demo Decode process. I downloaded the GRT Decode application but cannot get my demo files on the thumbdrive to open. I get a message box that asks for three inputs .... Input Log file, Output XML file, and Output KML file. I tried entering a demo file descriptor in the input Log field but that doesn't seem to help. Are there user instructions for anywhere for this process and the demo Decoder process? Help!
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Re: Help with Displaying demo files

Postby Bobturner » Mon May 13, 2013 6:54 pm

I will try to help but I am no PC expert either. These files only work on a PC, not on a Mac.

1. Down load from GRT web site the files "GRTdecode_win_2.22.exe" and"GRTdecode.dll". Drag these files onto the desk top if not already there.
2. From your memory stick, click and drag the DEMO files(s) onto the desktop.
3. Double click on "GRTdecode_win_2.22.exe". A box will appear, with several smaller boxes inside it:
a. in the box that says INPUT logfile copy the name of the DEMO file. You must copy it exactly, including the suffix
b. in the box that says OUTPUT XML file type in a name (example: HX01202013_1). If I knew what I was doing I would put in the right suffix but I don't!
c. Now click on the box that says "XML Decode".
4. The program will now run and create a new file named, in this case, HX01202013_1
a. repeat this process for every DEMO file. Use a new made-up name in the XML box each time
5. Double click on this new file.
6. the computer should ask if you want to open it with (several options): choose to use the option "GRTdecode" (I may have the name off a bit. This is an Excel template, you must have Excel on your PC.
a. Because I didn't put the right suffix on the file name (I think it should be .xml) it will warn you that it has the wrong suffix. Just say "okay, continue".
7. Data should now appear as an Excel file. You can save it, play with it. I save it in one of the forms that my Mac can read, put it back on the memory stick and transfer it to my Mac.
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Re: Help with Displaying demo files

Postby Rupester » Thu May 16, 2013 5:24 pm

Thanks, Bob. I'll give that a try!
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