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Re: V 7 ... audio alerts ...

Postby GRT_Jeff » Sat Jan 26, 2019 3:04 am

jnewsum1 wrote:I have the audio output of one GRT Hx connected to an unswitched audio input on my Audio Panel. I am using the .wav audio files that RV-HXr made available. Both displays were recently updated to the latest software (vers 11.01). The only audio warning that I don't hear is "TRAFFIC and this is the one warning I was most interested in hearing.

I have the FreeFlight Ranger UAT ADSB which performs ADSB in and out wired to one Hx display. I get the Traffic alert pop up on the onside and cross side Hx display when the MFD format is being displayed and there is a traffic target within 2NM of me. I was expecting that since the GRT Hx EFIS is displaying the Traffic Alert pop up warning on the MFD that the "TRAFFIC" audio alert would occur at the same time.

What does the GRT Hx use to enable the audio warning? Is it a status bit from the ADSB receiver or does the GRT Hx derive the conditions to output the traffic audio warning.

The traffic alert audio is controlled by SET MENU, General Setup, Audio, Traffic Alerts. It should play the warning tone and "traffic" voice alert every time the number of targets within 2 nmi increases. Audio alerts don't play through the display link, so the audio will only play on a screen if that screen is the one that is also detecting the traffic. If the screen is showing the pop up, and that screen has the audio output wired (and Traffic Alerts enabled), it should be playing the traffic alert sounds. If it only plays the warning tone, then the "traffic.wav" audio file may not have been copied.
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